Philippe by Philippe Chow: A First Bite (Pictures)

philippe peking duck.jpg
All photos by Laine Doss
Peking ducks hang in the picture window of Philippe by Philippe Chow
Philippe by Philippe Chow opened their SoFi location on Friday, just in time to reap the benefits of the hungry Art Basel crowd.

The free-standing Philippe is more intimate than the former Gansevoort location. The signature black, white and red decor remains, but added touches at this location include a retractable roof (perfect for cool Miami Beach winter evenings), a horseshoe-shaped bar (making people-watching easier), and a kitchen with glass windows facing both the dining room and the street, a nod to New York's Chinatown.

Executive chef Philippe Chow himself was in the kitchen opening night to make sure the hungry were sated.  Philippe features traditional Chinese cuisine with an upscale twist.Signature dishes include Peking Duck ($70), Beef With Oyster Sauce ($22 for one, $4 for two or three people), and Mr. Cheng's Noodles in pork or veal bean sauce ($12).

philippe diningroom.jpg
Philippe by Philippe Chow main dining room in the restaurant's signature black, white and red.

philippe dumplings.jpg
Steamed dumpling sampler. Two each of vegetable, beef, and pork ($12).

philippe bar snacks.jpg
Honey roasted and raw nuts at the bar.

philippe pvt room.jpg
Philippe's private wine room seats around 40 people and features a state of the art music and video system. We hear the Miami Heat have already booked it for an event.

philippe kitchen.jpg
The kitchen at Philippe features several wok stations, multiple prep areas, and a noodle-making station, all visible to diners and passersby through glass windows.

philippe beef.jpg
Crispy beef single portion ($24) was enough for two people to share. A larger portion is available for $48.

philippe shrimp.jpg
Green prawns are served with cashews, water chestnuts, peppers, and mushrooms ($29/$58). The secret to the intense green color? The prawns are marinated in pure spinach puree.

philippe chow.jpg
Executive chef Philippe Chow was in town for the opening of the new SoFi location.

philippe stratis.jpg
Philippe CEO Stratis Morfogen gives the kitchen a once-over before the first guests are served.

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Philippe by Philippe Chow - CLOSED

36 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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How do you say "RIP OFF" in Chinese?


I was there on friday night my reservation was for 10pm we did not get seated until midnight food was so so and service was horrible. Same bullshit attitude as Prime 112 !!!!!!!


what a load of crap that the 'green prawns' are from spinach- having worked there- I can you its from green food dye! Say it how it is and don't bullshit........

Black Angus Certified
Black Angus Certified

It's marinated overnight in a spinach purée you idiot. So yea it is food dye, as in dyed with real food. The satays have the same process with a thick carrot puree. Show your check stub and prove you worked there at some point...


Oh and the satay chicken has orange food dye! Customers were advised that its from 'carrot juice'!! WTF MSG is also used in the cooking process.......

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