Pinecrest Gardens: Holiday Shopping At The Farmers Market (Photos)

Bee Heaven Farms sells fresh produce weekly at Pinecrest Gardens
There's less than one month of shopping days to go. The malls are horrible this time of year -- you'll wait an hour to find a parking spot two miles away only to push your way through crowds in order to buy some lousy gift like an acrylic sweater or a Justin Bieber electric toothbrush (sadly, we've seen them in our travels).

What if you could do your shopping in a garden setting while supporting local merchants? Sounds better than a soul-sucking trip to Walmart, any day.

Pinecrest Gardens Farmer's Market, open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., is pretty much a one-stop holiday shopping destination. Gifts range from exotic salts to handmade soaps to orchids. There's literally a present for everyone on your list, and the prices are far below what's in the mall. Think outside of the box this holiday with these suggestions, most under $10.

pinecrest butterfly plants.jpg
Milkweed plants are magnets for Monarchs, who migrate to Florida this time of year. They're a great gift for both the gardening enthusiast and families who want to watch caterpillars turn into gorgeous butterflies. At around $5 a plant, they're a great budget-friendly gift (hint: look for plants that already have caterpillars on them).

Thumbnail image for pinecrest smoked fish.jpg
Captain Greg smokes his own marlin and wahoo. Buy it by the piece ($9), or pick up a few of his smoked fish dips ($8). They're perfect for entertaining, or as a hostess gift, with a nice box of crackers.

pinecrest pickle doctor.jpg
The pickle doctor has a large selection of pickled beets, tomatoes, pickles, and salads -- all for around $5 a container. We suggest putting them in a decorative mason jar for a sour gift for your sweet friends.

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