A Post-Holidays Juice Fast Can Help If You Ate A Few Too Many Christmas Hams

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Did you stuff your face to the point of bursting this Christmas? Yes, of course you did. But it's okay; it's not too late to turn things around in time to fit into a slinky dress for New Year's Eve. What's the answer? Juice fasting. Not only will your reduced calorie intake help you shed a few quick pounds, but the detoxification effects of the fast will help rid you of the intense sugar and white flour cravings brought on by holiday binge eating. As an added bonus, juice fasting gives your overtaxed digestive system a much-needed break. You'll notice your energy level surging when none of it is being drained by the digestive process.

Start the diet on December 26th, and you're guaranteed to feel better, reduce or eliminate holiday bloat, and drop a couple of pounds by December 31st. And all the while you'll be getting a ton of easily assimilated nutrients, straight from the earth.

It's best if you have a juicer at home, but if you don't, Miami's got plenty of juice bars to fuel your fast. In a pinch, you can also nurse a little coconut water to get by (choose only 100% coconut water varieties).

Disclaimer: You should only do a juice fast if your doctor says you're healthy enough to do so.

Day 1: Eat only organic fruits and vegetables.

juicer veggies.jpg
​You can have as much of the stuff as you want, but stick to fresh produce only. Skip salt and dressing, and avoid cooking if possible. Just keep it simple and eat plenty of greens. The fiber will start to get your backed up post-holiday pipes moving. Meanwhile the produce itself will deposit a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients into your system, to help make up for the fatty, sugary, salty, and nutritionally-poor splurges Christmas always brings. Green and other herbal teas should be part of your diet on day one, as should plenty of filtered water. Since the main point here is to shed holiday bloat and not to kick caffeine dependency, it's up to you whether you want to give up coffee or not, but if you drink it, remember, no milk, sugar, or artificial sweeteners! And sorry, definitely no alcohol allowed.

Day 2: Drink organic juices and water only, primarily from vegetables.

hakin juice.jpg
Green juices are the best for your fast.
​If you have a home juicer, perfect. Bring home bags of organic celery, bok choy, kale, lemon, collard greens, cucumber, beets, apples, oranges, and fresh ginger root. Then, go to town. I recommend juicing primarily green vegetables, and using fruits only as a garnish. That will help you avoid the blood sugar spikes of drinking too much sweet fruit juice, while still giving your juice a pleasant fruit-laced flavor. Aim for about four or five juices (about 12 ounces each) per day. As a general guide, drink a juice as soon as you start to feel your energy waning. And again, use beets, carrots, apples, and other sugary produce only sparingly.

Go for a run or fast-paced walk to enhance the effects of the fast and to keep your metabolism up.

Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5: Continue juicing.

Vary your juices, experimenting with different combinations of green vegetables and fruits. Try throwing in some turmeric root, cucumber, parsley, red, green, and yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, cabbage, tomatoes, and peaches. The more variety the better, because you'll be getting a broader spectrum of nutrients, and you'll be more likely to look forward to your next juice when it's different each time. Walk, run, or practice yoga each day if possible.

Day 6: Break the fast -- slowly.

after belly.jpg
You'll look leaner in days with this simple plan.
​​Continue to juice, but allow yourself a salad, an apple, and maybe a little brown rice throughout the day. It's important to go slowly and introduce only healthy, natural food into your diet on the first day you're back to chewing. Absolutely no white flour, refined sugar, or fatty foods. Coming from a mild state of caloric deprivation, you'll run the risk of going way overboard and ruining all the good you've done throughout the fast if you introduce junk foods right away. Going forward, continue to focus on adding healthy, plant-based foods like vegetable stir fries, quinoa, beans, and soups to your diet.

There's your simple plan for flushing out evil holiday food residue and slimming down a bit in time for New Year's Eve. And if you like the effects by day five, there's no reason you can't extend your juice fast right into the New Year and beyond - in fact, I recommend it. For more on juice fasting, check out this movie or check out this website.

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seo services
seo services

Any person well known with juicing knows that fruit and veggies with high sugars items are to be used occasionally and in small amounts. For example, you may use a carrot in your cucumber, him oatmeal and cinnamon juice formula.


I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Did you do any actual research before you wrote this article? You should refrain from instructing others on such serious endeavors as juicing when it is obvious that you do not have a clue what you're talking about.

You recommend that we supplement with 'Odwalla Organic Carrot Juice and the like' if we do not have juicers. If you knew anything at all about juicing, which it is blatantly clear you do not, you would never make such an ignorant and irresponsible statement.

Any person familiar with juicing knows that fruits and vegetables with high sugar contents are to be used sparingly and in small doses. For example, you may use half a carrot in your cucumber, kale, spinach, and ginger juice recipe. 

Apples, pears, carrots, and the like are extremely high in sugar and not to be consumed as the sole ingredient. 

Ms. Lamb, considering the fact that there may be people with illnesses such as diabetes taking your advice, please attempt to be a bit more diligent in your 'reporting'.

Also, you may want to inform readers that they should abstain from consuming Jamba Juice and Smoothie King beverages, since they add sweeteners to their smoothies. And perhaps mention that Robeks is an establishment which serves all natural juices made to order -- without added sweeteners. Just a thought.


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I was thinking about starting a cleanse today. I'm taking this article as a sign I should! Thanks for the motivation and instructions! Happy holidays!! :)

Camille Lamb
Camille Lamb

There is a disclaimer in the article about asking a doctor whether you're healthy enough to juice. I also state that people should focus on greens and use fruit only as a garnish. I did not say that people should substitute Odwalla for all juices, but rather just to get through if they are stuck in a place where there is no access to a juice bar or a home juicer. I do mention avoiding high sugar juices. I wonder whether you thoroughly read the post? You "may" do whatever you like with your juice fast - there is no law that states you can use only a half a carrot or anything silly like that. I have successfully completed several lengthy fasts and done a lot of research on the topic, empirical and otherwise. I have written several articles that center on juicing and juicers. This is obviously not the entire bible of juicing, and I could not hit on every single aspect or disclaim every risk. Thanks for your comment and your feedback.

Camille Lamb
Camille Lamb

Awesome! I started today myself - I already feel more energetic. It's so good to give your poor guts a break after the onslaught of holiday over-eating! Strength in numbers - feel free to reach out with questions of if you're having food withdrawals!

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