The Baketress Stressed: Richard Hales, Vanessa Paz Part Ways

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Laine Doss
Is Hales wearing the leopard apron now?
Right after we finished writing the announcement for Sakaya Kitchen Downtown's opening, we got a call from chef/owner Richard Hales.

"Just wanted you to know that Vanessa isn't with The Baketress anymore," he told Short Order. Hales then informed us that he and Paz had actually parted ways right before Thanksgiving.

Paz was hired by Hales about five months ago to run The Baketress. Hales told us that he had her in mind when he was thinking up the concept of a line of home-style baked treats.

When Paz left Michy's, he was thrilled that his plan was coming to fruition. Hales and Vanessa talked about the concept and he let her run with it. However, the partnership wasn't going the way Hales envisioned it.

"She wasn't able to work a full schedule because of personal reasons," he said. "She was very talented and I love her desserts, but it never really worked, as much as I tried and tried and tried."

Hales said that he's taken back control of the Baketress. He plans to hire someone for production, but will be designing the menu himself.

The Baketress menu is being trimmed to concentrate on Hales' strengths, as well, with a focus on cookies, brownies, fried apple pies, and ice cream sandwiches. "We're very successful with our cookies, so I'd like to expand from that," he explained.

The truck, which didn't get the instant attention and acclaim of Dim Saam a Gogo, is going to be redesigned. "I've got the artist who designed the Aleloop Mini Coopers working on a design for the truck."

We caught up with Vanessa Paz who told us the partnership wasn't what she thought it would be. "I'm a full-time mom and I just couldn't give Richard the hours he wanted from me," she explained.

"Richard is very successful at marketing himself. I'm more about the product. For him it's more about making money and branding. When we first discussed the Baketress, I though she should be a bad-assed Rosie the Riveter girl who bakes ... but I didn't feel like I had to be her. I didn't want to be out in public."

Vanessa said that for right now she's going to enjoy the time off. "I actually went to Art Basel and I'm going to spend Christmas with my daughter. I haven't had Christmas off in ten years. Then, I'm working on doing something with a designer friend of mine. Maybe a pop-up restaurant in Wynwood."

So who's the Baketress now, we asked Hales?

"I'm the f**king Baketress! I f**king woke up at five in the morning to bake f**king cookies. What's next? Showing up in drag?"

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Cookies, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches, isn't there already a truck that offers this, CoolHaus? Very original Mr.Hales


I work for SK and sure Vanessa he does not care about product. He buys organic and all natural, from local farms bee heaven and swank, makes everything from scratch, does not buy anything processed or premade...uses biodegradable serving products...sure he is just about the bottom line. You were clueless Vanessa only working about 15 hours a week and coming up with crap that did not sell. You were given an opportunity and blew it and got fired. Face it


@b2ba38c642838a2ca820281e870e02bf:disqus you will never get that taste out of your mouth! Glug Glug!


Good for Vanessa! Miami is finally starting to see the true colors of Richard Hales!"Richard is very successful at marketing himself." Richard does not care about his products, he cares about Richard!

"with a focus on cookies, brownies, fried apple pies, and ice cream sandwiches."In other words, over priced of the shelf Sysco desserts in a fancy truck. Whoop Ti F***ing DOOO!

Congratulations Richard Hales, You have finally jumped the shark!

It tickles me that you will read this later when you google your own name in a frenzy of self absorbed masturbation.


Good for Vanessa, Miami is beginning to see Richard Hales true colors. "Richard is very successful at marketing himself. "Richard does not care about his product he cares about Richard. 

"with a focus on cookies, brownies, fried apple pies, and ice cream sandwiches. "So in other  words he is going to go back to off the shelf dessert items in a fancy truck. Woopti F***ing DOOOOO!

Congratulations Richard Hales, You have jumped the shark!

It tickles me that you will find this when you google your own name later tonight!


Ahhh yes, because only women and men in drag can bake desserts! What a lovely dose of sexism.


A business owner concerned with branding and making money?!  how terrible...hales must be the only restaurant doing that...give me a break...spoken like a person who does not pay the bills.  Im not sure how hales does not focus on product?  Ive been to Sakaya many times and the truck and its all about the product.  I did try baketress desserts from Paz and def was not wowed like Dim sam.  


You would be suprised at how many restaurants only care about bottomline ex. Kane Steakhouse


Cookies, brownies, and ice cream sandwiches. Is that the best Hales has to offer? Give up already! Everyones tired of you, your microwaved donuts & your ego


How dumb, either you can work 40 hours a week or you can't.  Should have been clear from the start.

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