The Coolest, Craziest, and Most X-Rated Christmas Cookie Cutters

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Need a sugar rush for the long night ahead?
Christmas sugar cookies don't exactly reinvent the wheel when it comes to creative pastry. This year, why not go beyond the usual array of standard shapes like snowmen, spruce trees, reindeer and the inevitable jolly man himself, Santa Claus? For a holiday sweet that is really a treat, check out the coolest, craziest, most X-rated cookies cutters we could find -- because boring cookies taste better with a sense of humor.

For instance, what batch of sugar cookies wouldn't benefit from these Kama Sutra molds? There's no need to ask if these cookies have been naughty or nice -- it's pretty obvious that Pipparkakan's Kama Sutra cutters have been up to no good.

Half-eaten gingerbread men.jpg
We suppose a subtle dose of noir humor is required to love these as much as we do, but the the ABC Cookies (Already Been Chewed) cookie cutters from truly tickle the Christmas funny bone. Featuring gingerbread men without heads, arms and legs, it looks as if Dexter's "dark passenger" really wanted a cookie.

Ninjabread Men 2.jpg
Another extreme favorite, these Ninjabread Men cookie cutters from, are billed as "stealthy shinobi warriors set to sneak into your kitchen and stage a cookie coup!" The cool kids sit in the back of the bus eating Ninja cookies. Earn your black belt in baking.

Penis Cookie Cutter 2.jpg

Although these were most likely created for bachelor and bachelorette parties, since you (hopefully) only get married once in a lifetime, Christmas seems like a good time to recycle. The Naughty Cookie Kitchen's cutters shaped like boobs and a penis is available on

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