The Federal Food Drink & Provisions to Open January 2012

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
"X" marks the spot... or at least the For Lease sign does
Cat's out of the bag, folks. Phuc Yea! partners Aniece Meinhold, Cesar Zapata, and newcomer Manuel Ortiz have accidentally (or not so accidentally) leaked the news of their new food baby.

The new place, called the Federal Food Drink & Provisions, will be located on NE 51st Street and Biscayne Boulevard, smack between Dunkin' Donuts and the Honey Tree. The space, (5132 Biscayne Blvd.) formerly of Canela Cafe, is set to offer new American cuisine in a modern American tavern. You know, Paul Revere rubs elbows with Jumpin' Jack Flash 21st century-style.

While the hype is continuing to build, let's see if Paul Revere actually makes a resurrected appearance for the opening in January 2012.

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I am very excited about this mainstay, plus the fact it's so close to the place I call home, but I hope they can also add some Vietnamese options to their menu.  As a frequent eater at Phuc Yea!, I can vouch for the fact this place is delicious and one of the best I have ever tasted.  Check out Yelp for the inside scoop as well as photos of their works of art.

American restaurants are everywhere, but that is not the case with Vietnamese food.  Please consider adding an alternative Vietnamese menu such as the one at Phuc Yea! to your new spot, as that will attract more foodies in search of an exotic experience.

See you tonight at Phuc Yea! You will be missed!

iLuv ShortOrder
iLuv ShortOrder

Why do businesses insist on opening restaurants at locations with poor parking options?  It's such a headache for customers, which is what limits business from doing as well as it should.  SMH

Chariff Realty Group
Chariff Realty Group

We had several operators that wanted this space but waited for a winning team like this one. This place is going to make history. "Another Done Deal"Lyle ChariffChariff Realty


Cool.  That location seems cursed, but hopefully they buck that trend.


Nah, Go To Sushi right next door is ossum dood, and been there a while, anything that fails there is its own fault

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