Latin Burger Acquires CheeseMe Mobile, Partners With Tobacco Road

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Latin Macho Burgers will now be available at Tobacco Road
Latin Burger and Taco's Jim Heins has been busy this week. Fresh from a killer Art Basel weekend, Heins has announced two significant changes to his Latin Burger business.

Latin Burger will allow Miami icon Tobacco Road to serve the food truck's signature Latin Macho Burger starting today. Taste and presentation will be exactly the same, with caramelized onions and Oaxaca cheese topping on a patty comprised of a blend of chuck, sirloin, and chorizo, The burger will be available in single ($5) and double ($8) options.

Patrick Gleber, co-owner of Tobacco Road, sees it as a way to ensure people can get the burger at almost any time, "We're pretty confident the dining public will appreciate knowing a place where they can go from noon to 1:30 a.m. and get this amazing burger."

Latin Burger has also acquired food truck CheeseMe Mobile from its group of partners, including Andrew Kaplan, who was recently named general manager of Philippe by Philippe Chow. The truck is undergoing a makeover, and Heins expects the co-branded truck to be back on the road by Wednesday, December 7.  The CheeseMe menu of custom and upscale grilled cheese sandwiches will remain the same, however Latin Burger's Latin Macho Burgers will also be available.

When asked about these two business moves, Heins said: "The partnership with Tobacco Road is a great way to test the waters and gauge interest in my burgers and the Latin Burger Brand", said Heins. We're honored that Miami's oldest bar and restaurant is such a fan that they've agreed to add Latin Burger to the menu."

"The decision to acquire CheeseMe came up suddenly. I had this opportunity to add a proven brand to Latin Burger and I took it. It's a good fit. CheeseMe and Latin Burger compliment each other."

For the two Latin Burger food trucks, it's business as usual. "The trucks are still going strong", Heins told Short Order. "This is just a better way to service our customers and reach new people. I'm also looking into adding some more brands in the months ahead. I'm growing my business."

Heins has also been approached by a national producer of reality television shows to co-host a burger-centric show. The show is still in the planning stages, but Heins says he can wait, "One thing at a time. One thing at a time", he quipped.

Latin Burger is taking the night off (but you can get a Latin Macho at Tobacco Road). Visit other trucks at BTTR tonight from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Free parking, music, and kid-friendly. Trucks include Arepa Box, Che Grill, The Cheese Steak Gourmet, The Chill Stop, Churro Mania, Coolhaus, Daddy's Grill, Divan Bakery & Coffee, Dog Eat Dog, The Flying Saucer, Guiseppe's Italian Sausage, Gypsy Kitchen, Happy Greek, Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers, Kona Ice, Mangia Mia, The MexZican Gourmet, Miso Hungry, Moty's Grill, Nacho Bizness, Nacho Mama's Mexican Grill, Papa's Tapas, The Red Koi, The Rolling Stove, and Sakaya Kitchen. BTTR, NE 127th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami.

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