Top Ten Martinis: From Doraku to Sustain to the Raleigh, Who's Number One?

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Dirty martini - one sexy cocktail
Fox's Sherron Inn took the best martini spot in our annual listing of everything good in our fair city for their well-priced martinis in a classic 1950s setting.

Miami has no alcohol shortage (in fact it's safe to say that there are more places to get a cocktail than there are mosquitoes in the Everglades), but that doesn't mean that every bar and lounge can make a swank martini. Though the standard martini is made with gin and vermouth, straight up, we've expanded out search to encompass any martini drink that would pass muster for James Bond. We now bring you our favorite Miami martinis...shaken, not stirred.

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10. Doraku
Doraku's happy hour is legendary in South Beach. Each day from 5 to 7 p.m., Doraku's bar and outside tables fill up come rain or shine. Why so popular? Can you say $4 lychee martinis? That's right!Four bucks buys you a sweet, flowery martini, served chilled to near freezing. So satisfying, so right, this is one delicious deal in an otherwise expensive city.

9. Haven
This South Beach techno lounge has got a martini for all you playahs in da house that rank a cocktail by its price tag. The DiVine martini is a classic dirty vodka martini with a caviar-stuffed olive. This drink will cost you $40, which is around the price of a steak. But you'd much rather be thin and fabulous, than eat. Right dahling?

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Bourbon Steak
8. Bourbon Steak
If you're deciding between dessert and a cocktail, then you must have the key lime martini ($14) from Bourbon Steak in Aventura. This decadent concoction is made with vanilla vodka, fresh squeezed lime, and a touch of cream. The rim is lined with graham cracker crumbs to complete the picture. A great way to have your cake and drink it too.

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