Cocktober and Aphrodisiac Ice Cream: Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Week in Florida

By Carlos Acosta
Andrew Zimmern at Cobaya Azul
I have to thank Bizarre Food's Andrew Zimmern for making it to Miami. I'd originally dropped a grapevine hint that he'd soon be in town only because I recently noticed his Twitter conversation with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian about visiting Tudor House.

But I didn't actually think he was serious!

Our Zimmern in Miami Twitter Tour starts five days ago (December 8) at approximately 5:22 p.m. His first tweet from the Sunshine State came from a gas station in Central Florida. It was a photo of Boone's Farm Apple Wines... about a dozen of them to be exact. Classy, Zimmern.

Anyway, upward and onward!

Seminole pumpkin frybread
5:47p.m. Zimmern tweeted photos of some pretty delicious and some pretty bizarre foods we suspect to be at a nearby Seminole reservation.

Among the edibles included fresh Seminole-style palm hearts, pumpkin frybread (this looked absolutely delicious, by the way), and good ol' Aunt Martha cleaning a turtle, sans tools (that's right... Aunt Martha cleaned out a turtle with her bare hands). While this didn't look as appetizing, I reminded myself that it's Andrew Zimmern... wouldn't be so if I didn't heave a little. Needless to say Aunt Martha threw the turtle on a hot open grill and Zimmern tweeted a photo of that too. I'll spare you and offer this instead: Looks delish, huh?

From approximately 6 to 11 p.m. Zimmern tweeted with followers -- gabbing on about reindeer, wagyu and Ty Pennington.

To begin December 9 just right, Zimmern tweeted with followers about do-it-yourself stocking stuffers, Bitchin' Kitchen, two chaps named Marshall and Keith and an alligator. He does note, though, that he's now in the Everglades.

At around 3:38 p.m. is when things got a little, well, bizarre. Zimmern tweeted of his plans to observe newly coined 'cocktober' before 'movember' next year ('Movember' is a term for Mens' Health Awareness Month). Nothing quite like the vision of humpty-dumpty-head Andrew Zimmern (we mean that in a good way) observing 'cocktober' and making sexual innuendos (albeit funny) with strangers over the Internet. Let's shake the image out of our heads, shall we?

Zimmern tweeted a photo of cat tail and fernheads at Mack's Fish Camp (boring...). A few hours later, though, he tweeted a photo of himself with the Aphrodisiac Ice Cream truck girls and proceeded to comment to Lee Schrager that the food trucks are wild in Miami. But of course!

Side note: Is the one all the way to the left wearing anything else other than body paint? That is wild, Zimmern. Good call.

At approximately 9:14 p.m. Zimmern tweeted from Red the Steakhouse where he dined with editor Lesley Abravanel. Also tweeted to Chef Chris Cosentino about wanting a little hang out time with him soon. He's bizarre, but he's sweet too.

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He's awesome... especially if you read his bio and how he turned his life around. I'm happy for his success and for helping to expose Miami to the masses.

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