Where This Burger At? CG Burgers, That's Where!

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Lee Klein
CG's Pub Burger
On Monday we put up this photo of a hamburger and asked the simple question: Where it at?

Well, granted, it was a tough one. Excepting the fries and size of the burger, there wasn't much to go on. Guesses ranged from -- well, just about every burger joint in town was mentioned in the comments section. CG Burgers is less well known because it's located down in Kendall. This is the "classic" 6-ounce Pub Burger ($5.95). The fries are made from fresh potatoes and are some of the best around.

Good news: CG Burgers will be debuting in the Village at Merrick Park come late January or early February.

This week Cafe review features a burger battle between two venues with acronymic monikers: CG Burgers vs. DGB (Damn Good Burger) downtown.

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Location Info

CG Burgers

8525 Mills Drive, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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CG Burger is pretty nasty, just look at the online reviews, 2.5 stars for a burger joint is pretty bad! How do you screw up burgers and Fries? ask the folks at CG burger!


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