Best To-Go Food for the Super Bowl: From Mini-Corn Dogs to Meatball Pizza

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Mini Corn Dogs.jpg
Burger & Beer Joint's mini corn dogs.
It's almost time for the honored tradition of American pigskin played on a super scale, and if you you are entertaining at home this Super Bowl Sunday, the most important menu item to have on hand, obviously, is beer. Lots o' beer. And it's going to make you hungry, because those tricky brain receptors demand munchies when inebriated, so better plan ahead for cravings. Pretzels, Doritos, chips and dip...sure, it's easy to toss the stuff in a bowl, but these are not the satisfying snacks you seek.

Deep frying chicken wings seem a bit beyond your kitchen reach? Need a suggestion when it comes to the football feeding frenzy? Save yourself the hassle and get it to go. Here's our top five favorite menu items from local restaurants prepared to box it up for you on game day.

5. The mini corn dogs ($10) at Burger & Beer Joint come on super long skewers, ideal for perfecting Jedi saber skills or dipping into the accompanying jalapeno-cheddar sauce. They use Hebrew National cocktail franks and dip them in a dense corn meal batter; although we like to mustard them up, the cheddar sauce is good for finger dipping, or if completely wasted, drinking straight from the small plastic container.

Hogzilla Rack 3.jpg
4. Order the three rack version of Hogzilla's signature slab ($69) and you can take home dry rubbed beef "long rib" bones, slow smoked for ten hours. This platter of ribs is served with jalapeno cheddar muffins and your choice of a side dish, including some truly Southern cookin' infused offerings like collard and kale greens with ham hock, sweet potato tater tots, and burnt end black eyed peas.

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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

2801 Northwest 87th Ave., Doral, FL

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No special grilled wings from Sports Grill, this list is clearly just an ode to the authors friends


Um, the author doesn't have friends at these places. The author loves Anthony's Pizza. cuz it's the best in town. FYI.

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