Bizarre Foods America Season Opener: Ten Foods We Want Andrew Zimmern to Eat

Travel Channel
We bet Andrew would rather eat bugs than what's on our list.
Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern has made a career out of eating everything that walks, swims, or crawls. He admits to refusing only two things offered to him -- ever. Street food in Delhi that was made with sludgy water and moldy chicken intestines.

Our omnivorous friend takes to the airwaves tonight at 10 on Travel Channel for another season of Bizarre Foods. This year, Zimmern leaves his passport (but not his appetite) at home for a season of domestic weirdness.

Here are things we'd love to see Andrew Zimmern eat that are found right here in the good 'ole U S of A.

zimmern calffries.jpg
SoGrate BBQ/Flickr
10. Bull Testicles
Call 'em Rocky Mountain oysters, calf fries, or cowboy caviar, but bull testicles are some good and popular eating out west in cattle country. After a calf is castrated, cowboys figured why not fry the poor little remains up for a snack. These days, the testicles are battered and deep fried. Served with a little dipping sauce, it's a snack with balls.

zimmern chaudin.jpg
9. Chaudin
Popular in Louisiana's Cajun country, consider chaudin the haggis of the south. A hog stomach is stuffed with sausage and grilled over an open flame. Part of every snout to tail meal, we're sure.

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