George's Gets Fancy With New Midtown "Loft"

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Lesley Elliott
George's comes to Midtown in June.
Francophiles delight! George-Eric Farge is bringing his bistro concept to Midtown (3404 N. Miami Avenue), and although opening day is a bit far off (June), we're already looking forward to drinking copious amount of red wine upstairs. You see, this restaurant is going to be two stories, the upstairs "Loft" encompassing a lounge aesthetic with a bar and music, while downstairs, a more refined vibe will define the actual dining room.

This third installment of George's adds to existing locations in South Miami and the Grove, which are both casual interpretations of the classic brasserie. The menu is still in the works, but if it's going upscale, we have to presume that the theme will be more true to form, unlike the current offerings at George's on Sunset, which tries to be everything to everyone (the "short rib barbecue pizza" comes to mind, not so Frenchified). Obviously Midtown is exploding with oodles of 'scene,' but is the neighborhood truly ready for high-end French?

It would seem Midtown could support the fast casual business; it more than quadruples the count of traditional brick and mortar establishments. Guess George is counting on locals to stick around rather than head over to the posh Design District for dinner. But by June, there could be, what, five new restaurants opening in Wynwood?

I wonder if the growing competition for dining dollars will pit these developing areas against each other. One thing is certain, SoBe is starting to look way old school.

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I ate at George's tonight and it was amazing. I am so happy it has opened. The Loft is my new favorite place. 


This is going to be the highest attraction in Midtown.  Can't wait for them to open! 

Miami Eats!
Miami Eats!

george no longer owns the grove spot that bears his name. sold it months ago, but the name remains as part of the deal.

george's on sunset has bifurcated menu pricing because the higher-end food isn't very good, to be charitable (who wants to say bad things about george!). people go there for the atmosphere, mingling, vibe -- NOT the food. if you do go, stick to burger, pizza or maybe the fish sandwich. 

i wish him the very best at midtown. it will be a fun place, for sure.

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