Try Dylan Terry's Ready-to-Grow Edible Garden (Audio)

Anaïs Alexandre
Owner Dylan Terry
There are a lot of ways to eat organic including shopping at Whole Foods, farmers' markets or rubbing elbows with a friendly farmer. But the best is Dylan Terry's Ready-to-Grow garden, which produces a fresh supply of vegetables, fruits and herbs in your backyard. And it just got a heck of a lot easier. And no -- its not a fabricated mat of seed-embedded soil.

Take a listen to our interview below about what inspired Dylan to start this business and how much an edible landscape will run you.

With a bitter cold snap here in South Florida, Dylan reassures us that there are manageable ways to protect your plants. He says, "keep the soil very moist. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the moisture helps the plant retain heat. You can also bundle your plants with any type of sheet-- bed sheets even." He went on to say, "Some plants love the cold though, like kale and lettuce."

So now you know how to get some luscious greens growing in your backyard and how to protect your little babies from the cold.

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Amy Pearson
Amy Pearson

Being an organic gardener doesn’t require ahuge amount of space. Even living in an apartment with a small patio or porchyou can accomplish container and small space gardening to grow your organicproduce. 

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