Miami's Best Sports Bars: Huge TVs, Signed Jerseys, and Championships

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One way to tell a sports bar from any other is the array of 20-plus TV sets with live broadcasts of every college or professional football/basketball/soccer game or pay-per-view game known to man.

However, you can't simply judge a good sports bar by its flat-screens; some actually have kitchens that serve great food. With Miami Heat basketball in full swing and the Super Bowl quickly approaching, you also need to check out the décor and happy hour.

Miami has as many sports bars as Cuban cafés, so it was tough narrowing down the list. Honorable mention must be made to the Cutler Bay Sports Bar & Grill, a decent hole in the wall that has Texas hold 'em poker tournaments (winnings are bar credit, not cash) four nights a week, a cheap menu, and open-mike night Wednesdays. Now here are the top ten:

10. Keg South of Kendall
Keg South isn't a big place, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in a large and varied menu. It includes appetizers, entrées, burgers, wings, salads, desserts, and the famous Keg Bites -- ten ounces of filet tips. There are also, of course, pool tables, arcade games, and large flat-screen TVs to watch the games.

9. Gatsby's Bar & Grill
Aside from being a good place to watch a game, this bar touts itself as a pool hall too. Recalling the era of the Roaring '20s, there's a private martini bar and a cozy vibe. Happy hour includes half-priced drinks and pool from 4 to 8 p.m. weekdays. They have cheap-ass shots of Jack Daniel's for $3.50.

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Sandbar Sports Grill

3064 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove, FL

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No Toms NFL or Sports Grill on your list! Your system is seriously flawed!


what about the Brickell Irish Pub, Fado, or Fritz & Franz


Duffys has horrible service. The place is huge, with a bunch of staff, yet it seems like they're all under 21 and have never had a service job before. They need better training! I even e-mailed the GM about our 2nd bad time we had their, never got a response back. Rather go to the ALE HOUSE.


@Great1k I'm atTom's E-V-E-R-Y Sunday at 1pm. My favorite "first game" spot....hands friggin' down.

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