Miami's Best Macaroni and Cheese Dishes: Truffles, Lobster, Even Broccoli

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Bill Wisser
8. City Hall
This elegant dish comes with many entrées (or as a dinner side for $8). A touch of maple syrup complements the bits of chorizo added to the dish to make it salty, sweet, and extremely satisfying.

7. Bulldog Barbeque
Top Chef alum Howie Kleinberg's venture into barbecue means a slew of traditional Southern sides are offered at his establishment. His mac 'n' cheese ($/8) has old Southern charm -- rich and creamy and a little dense -- just like a down-home after-church potluck supper, so don't be surprised if you'll want to thank the Lord after eating it.

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Prime One Twelve

112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant


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No doubt Prime112 has the best mac! I'm still trying to recreate it! 


 Please don't bring Ruby Tuesdays into an adult conversation....sheeze!


Theres also a food truck with fried mac & cheese balls. Super yummy


May not be "gourmet" but ruby tuesdays, believe it or not, has a delicious lobster mac & cheese for a decent price. Its really tasty


Anyway you slice it, Mac'n cheese must have that firm exterior. Case closed!

Where's the truffle...?
Where's the truffle...?

For that $49 price at Red The Steakhouse, you figure at least forgo the truffle oil and grate some actual truffle on top at tableside. Now, THAT would be the ultimate mac n' cheese...!!

Laine Doss
Laine Doss

Red The Steakhouse features a lobster macaroni and cheese.  And they are pretty generous with the lobster.

SEE YAA have Red The Steakhouse and Prime One Twelve mixed up. Prime One Twelve has the "Truffle oil" on the "mac" and it is $13.00 dollars.

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