Michy's-To-Go is a No-Go (For Now)

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Chariff Realty via Facebook
From left: David Martinez, Michelle Bernstein, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, Lyle Chariff, and Steven Perricone breaking ground.
Chef/restaurateur Michelle Bernstein might be opening a new "to-go" version of Michy's in the same neighborhood as her flagship restaurant, Open Media Miami reported yesterday.

Chariff Realty Group posted the enticing rumor on its Facebook page. A picture of the groundbreaking ceremony of the 10,000-square-foot retail space currently under construction at 6101 Biscayne Boulevard shows Bernstein and husband/business partner David Martinez in hardhats alongside commissioner Marc Sarnoff, Lyle Chariff, and Steven Perricone, shovels in hand.

The caption under the picture alludes to a deal in place, "'another Done Deal' Michele [sic] Bernstein will be creating Miche's [sic] to go which is an Epicurean [sic] market of high end meals. We still have more space available."

We contacted Larry Carrino of Brustman-Carrino, Bernstein's rep, who first sent us an email stating simply, "This is so overblown." A few minutes later, Carrino told us that, indeed, Bernstein and Martinez were at the groundbreaking and did express interest in a future deal with the building, but that's the extent.

"There was no contract, no pre-lease, no memorandum of understanding signed."

We called Lyle Chariff, founder and owner of Chariff Realty, who said that he was initially told there was a deal, but then acknowledged, "There is not a deal. She's thinking about it." Since we spoke to him, the post on Chariff's Facebook page stating there was a pre-lease with Bernstein was deleted.

The building in question is is owned by Steven Perricone, owner of Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe and part-owner of Michy's. Plans are for a 10,000-square-foot commercial space. Chariff Realty has been tapped to procure commercial tenants for the space, which is slated for completion in mid-2012.

A post on Chariff Realty's Facebook page (since taken down), stated that Bernstein wanted a quarter of the space for her Michy's-To-Go (which may or may not be a reality at this point).

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Its for the better. Bernstein is overloaded anyway.


Upper Eastside rocks!  Tough to beat it's location, houses and restaurants.

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