World's Weirdest Toasters: Jesus on Bread, Cook a Whole Breakfast, and Play the Radio

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It's a brave new world, brave little toaster.
The world of toasters just got a little weirder. Research firm IDC released a report predicting that 2012 will be the year when companies start making kitchen appliances that can Tweet and send us notifications via the web; this will include toasters.

Until that happens, it might seem we must settle with convention. But not so fast! There are plenty of zany spins on the plain ol' pop-up that will put the fun back into making toast.

9. Vintage Sunbeam Chrome Elevator Toaster
This classic gadget once roamed the kitchen landscape 50 or more years ago, but was eventually replaced with newer, sleeker designs. But vintage stuff is making a comeback, this one is an obligatory must-have for the nostalgia types. One can be snatched from Ebay for about $50.

8. Roastie Toaster
Designed by Mateusz Glowka from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, this stylish toaster is a transparent ball with heating elements that surround the piece of toast like a ferris wheel. The sphere design traps the heat, thus reducing toasting time and saving energy consumption. Sadly, it can only toast one piece of bread at a time. Still a concept, but maybe you can ask Mr. Glowka for one.

7. Smile Cooking Toaster
Who doesn't wake up grumpy? Well maybe this toaster will put a smile on your face. Not only is this toaster transparent, but it's compact. Similar to a hair straightener, designer Xu Yan Xiang utilizes electric-heating nano-membrane technology to leave cheery impression of a smiley face on your morning breakfast. Another design concept not available in the retail world, maybe you can make it happen with a small donation.

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 Bakery Online Shop
Bakery Online Shop

Thanks for this nice post i was searching for this type of toaster.It is great liked it especially the smile cooking toaster it is sleek and transparent.

Camille Lamb
Camille Lamb

This is an awesome list, D. I actually want to get the 3-in-one, even though I don't eat eggs. I could roast some tofu on top, I suppose. Also, do you think I could customize the Daily Bread toaster to brand my face onto my sprouted wheat bread? How wonderfully, absurdly vain that would be! I love it!

David Minsky
David Minsky

Maybe you can cook some vegan eggs on it. D'oh!

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