The Broken Shaker: First Pop-Up Cocktail Bar in Miami Beach

The Bar Lab via Twitter
The Broken Shaker is Bar Lab's new project
Bar Lab is at it again, this time planning to open Miami Beach's first cocktail pop-up bar.

The Broken Shaker is set to open in about three weeks at the Indian Creek Hotel on Collins Avenue at 28th Street -- for only six months. We spoke with Bar Lab's Gabriel Orta, who didn't want to let the entire cat out of the bag about the Broken Shaker just yet.

What he did say, though, was quite intriguing -- especially because he and partner Elad Zvi are notorious for making innovative and delicious cocktails.

Orta says the Broken Shaker will feature farm-fresh cocktails using locally sourced ingredients. The popup will also make its own ice in various forms, depending on what your cocktail demands, such as cubed, crushed, or shaved.

We're especially looking forward to the Tiki Bar brunch every Saturday and Sunday. "Well, it's actually a sunset lunch, since it's going to start about 4," Orta says.

The vibe? "Very laid-back," he says while describing a space with multiple spots to lounge with your crafted cocktail.

Though he's not ready to reveal specific drinks on the menu, Orta does say he's looking forward to letting his creative flag fly at the Broken Shaker. He had us at "sunset tiki brunch."

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The Indian Creek Hotel

2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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Ben Potts
Ben Potts

Can't wait. This looks awesome.

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