The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: Golden Girls, Star Trek, Lucy -- Dead and Delicious

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Bea Arthur: Thank you for being a veg.
If you always wanted to cook like a (dead) rock star, then The Dead Celebrity Cookbook is for you.

This little tome of awesomeness is the brainchild of Frank DeCaro, who started collecting the recipes of stars gone "bye" after attending a "dead celebrity party." DeCaro, who was a movie critic on The Jon Stewart Show, has broken up the recipes into some freaking funny chapters, like:

I Lunch Lucy, featuring Lucille Balls' Chopped Chicken Livers, Sunday Night Goulash, and Tropical Treat (a possible homage to ex-husband and fellow dead celebrity, Desi Arnaz).

Thank You For Feeding a Friend
is all about the Golden Girls being healthy (before taking dirt naps).  PETA supporter Bea Arthur's Vegetarian Breakfast, Rue McClanahan's Non-Dairy Cheesecake, and Estelle Getty's Baked Chicken Fingers recipes are included. So far, Betty White, who just turned 90, isn't included since she's still above ground.

Space junkies can cook like their favorite Star Trek celeb. The Supper Under The Stars chapter includes Gene Roddenberry's Lima Beans and Ham, DeForest Kelley's Swiss Cheese and Potato Casserole, and James Doohan's Chicken Lasagna (which doesn't sound Scottish at all)...

Other chapters celebrate the lives (and deaths) of television moms and dad, The Rat Pack (Dean Martin's Burgers and Bourbon, anyone), television talkers, and dead rock stars.

Wonder how Dean-o made his burgers? Well, that recipe has been circulating on the internet for some time. Here it is:

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