Three Sisters Farm Dinner: An Exclusive Preview

Chef Jonathan Gambino Pouring Fresh Coconut Water
Ben Guzman
This past Friday the 13th (unlucky we were not), we stopped by the Three Sisters Farm for an exclusive dinner preview. The farm is currently owned by Cliffton Middleton, who is handing it down to Jonathan Gambino. Chef Jon is planning something big, a unique dining destination spot. And we got to be his first customer.

Freshly Harvested Carrots
Ben Guzman
It starts off with a quick hors d'ouevre (that day it was starfruit with firebush honey), followed by a farm tour, then finally a gorgeously prepared dinner by candlelight and campfire. Chef Jon describes it as, "sitting at an old wooden table, under the moonlight, surrounded by fruit trees." During the farm tour we actually harvested our first course. Try finding a farm dinner that does that!

Tostones and 3 Sister Sauces
Anais Alexandre
And by the crackling fire, dinner was served. The first course was a meal of tostones (fried green plantain) with 3 sister sauces: black bean, guacamole,and mojo.

Ben Guzman
Gorgeous salad
This was followed by a salad with ingredients we helped harvest. It was delicious and light with dried jackfruit to punch up the flavor.

Ben Guzman
Pasta people would kill for
We then had handmade pasta with baby carrots and herbs, which was followed by a hearty dish of Florida brown rice, yucca and callaloo.

Ben Guzman
Cacao Inspired Dessert
The meal ended with a black sapote and carrot bunt cake, mamey ice cream and caramelized bananas. Remember tickets are $50 a person, and $75 if you would like the four-course meal paired with wine. Simply contact the Chef via email ( to request a time slot on the weekends. This is an experience unlike any other in Miami right now.

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Three Sisters Farm

18401 SW 248th St., Homestead, FL

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will it always be vegetarian?

Anaïs Alexandre
Anaïs Alexandre

That's a good question. I'm sure the Chef would be able to answer that for you :)

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