Today is National Pie Day: Fill Your Pie-Hole Here

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Fireman Derek via Facebook
It's national pie day - eat me.
We know, every day brings yet another wacky food holiday, but when it's National Pie Day there's reason to celebrate. Sure, you can go to Publix or Fresh Market and buy a perfectly serviceable ready-made pie, but we're sharing our three favorite places to get fresh, delicious pies.

Because National Pie Day comes but once a year, then it's bye, bye Miss American Pie.

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Knaus Berry Farm
Call in your floating holiday and drive to The Redland for an authentic home baked pie from Knaus Berry Farm. Though people get up early to snag the combination farm/bakery's fresh cinnamon rolls, it's the pies that win our hearts.  Straight from the oven, the crust is golden, the fillings made with real fruit and sugar (not canned pie filling with corn syrup). Driving into the parking lot, you can smell them before you see them -- hints of butter, apples, and cinnamon fill the air.

To celebrate National Pie Day, Knaus Berry Farm is offering nine different pies today. Try ShooFly Pie, the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch molasses pie ($8.95), or go traditional with a fruit pie in your choice of apple, cherry, or blueberry ($8.95). Pecan pies are rich and sweet ($10.25), as are the chocolate peanut butter pies ($9.70). Feeling tropical? Try a key lime or guava creme pie ($9.70 each).

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Fireman Derek via Facebook
Fireman Derek's World Famous Pies
If you have a burning desire for pie today, let Fireman Derek put out those flames with a delicious variety of fresh baked pies. Visit Fireman Derek's bakery in Wynwood for today's selection of whole pies and pies by the slice (perfect for a quick lunchtime pick-me-up).  Today's varieties include apple pie with a white chocolate crumb topping ($5 per slice), Pecan Pie ($18/pie), Cookies and Cream ($18/pie), chocolate peanut butter pie cups ($3 each), and chocolate dipped pies-on-a-stick in your choice of key lime, coconut creme, chocolate, or cheesecake ($5 each).
Fireman Derek's Pies, 2600 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, 786-449-2517

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Noah Fecks
The Dutch
If you want to eat your pie in a trendy South Beach restaurant, then head over to The Dutch for a slice of pastry chef Joshua Gripper's amazing pies. Traditionalists will love the warm strawberry apple pie, but we have a hankering for the salted lime pie, a take on the key lime that pays homage to our favorite Mexican import, the Margarita. ($10/slice)

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