Best Bagels in Miami: They Are in Your Neighborhood

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Bagel Emporium
A small part of my youthful days were spent as a bagelmeister in Queens, New York. The name of the place was Bagel World, and it produced thousands of hole-filled rolls each day -- mostly for wholesale to New York restaurants. We also made bialys and "bulls," which is the industry word for extra large bagels used for sandwiches (I haven't seen any bulls in Miami). The crew was entirely composed of African-Americans, and because my first name is the same as that of a certain confederate hero (although not to them) they called me "General" -- easily the best restaurant nickname I ever got tagged with, uneasy racial overtones notwithstanding (just kidding; it was done in good spirit). I'm pretty sure I had a point to make when I started this paragraph.

Now I remember: Bagel World made the most delicious, malt-laden, crisp-crusted bagels I've ever had -- meaning I know a good bagel when I see and taste one. The winner of our 2011 Best Bagels award was The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., which does make a great specimen. These five will do as well.

Bagel Emporium & Grille
Its location across from the University Metrorail station has made Bagel Emporium a student hangout for years. They eat all sorts of dishes from the extensive menu, but during the morning hours most indulge in freshly baked bagels. Like all the places on this list, bagels are baked fresh daily and a full breadth of varieties are offered. All necessary accoutrements (cream cheese, smoked fish, etc.) are likewise available here and at the places below.

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Lee Klein
Wheaty olive oil bagel from New York Bagel Deli
New York Bagel Deli
This company has expanded in recent years to Brickell, Biscayne, and downtown, but the original on Collins Avenue and 65th Street has been in operation for some 15 years.

Along with traditional varieties, New York Bagel Deli also proffers a dark, wheaty Mediterranean version with olive oil, sesame and poppy seeds, garlic and parmesan on it -- one of the better fancy-shmancy renditions around. Bagels are $1.19, a baker's dozen costs $10.99.

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The Bagel Express

11616 N. Kendall Drive, Miami, FL

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