Al Pastor and Muelas: What to Buy at the Redland Market Village

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We've tried to convince you to check out the Redland Farmers Market and Bargain Town in the past, but if you are yet to take our advice here's another plea. Maybe you're hesitant to travel all the way down to Homestead only to be disappointed, but if you have taste buds then you won't be. If your excuse is that you don't know what to buy, well, then we've got you covered. Below, a treasure map of sorts to the pleasures of the Redland.

Daniel Treiman
1. Tacos from Lucky Taco ($1.50)
In a city not lacking in taco joints, these easily stand out, and at $1.50 you'll have trouble saying no to a second round. Their rendition of Al Pastor explodes with the flavor of pineapple, and the Barbacoa sauce is sticky and rich. Even the unadorned shredded pork shines on its own, and the lengua, which was not on the taco list during our last visit, is available and should not be missed.

2. Stone Crab Claws ($6.95)
"Sure beats the hell out of the prices at Joe's," comments a curious onlooker to our right. Does it beat the quality or the flavor? Who knows, but at that price it's definitely worth a shot. Hit the same stall for some fish heads, which make a killer stew.

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Redland Market Village

24420 S. Dixie Highway, Homestead, FL

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Great writeup.  The place can be intimidating so giving readers some highlights will hopefully help get them down there.

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