Ten Strangest Things at the South Beach Wine and Food Fest

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All photos by Laine Doss
Hey, Tony. Why so angry?
The South Beach Wine & Food Festival wrapped up yesterday after a four-day whirlwind of dinners, brunches, parties, cocktails, and events.

Each year we're delighted by the food, impressed by the cocktails, and amazed by the sheer number of celebrities that come to Miami to party and mingle.

During such a week, we're bound to experience events that astound even us.

In the past years we've seen Paula Deen's pants fall down and Spike Mendelsohn dress up as a burger thief. This year gave us a few surprise moments, too.

Join us as we count down our ten favorite moments of weirdness at the 2012 SoBe Wine & Food Festival.

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10. David Burke sets off the alarms at Dining in the Dark
David Burke had every good intention of surprising guests at the Dining in the Dark dinner at the Perry South Beach hotel on Thursday by using fire to torch one of his courses. Unfortunately, the chef set off the fire alarm strobes in the process. A source at the dinner tells us that most of the diners thought it was an interactive part of the evening until they were ushered out of the room. After waiting about twenty minutes, the diners were escorted back in, the lights were turned out, and the dinner resumed.

pi irvine ceviche.jpg
9. Robert Irvine makes ceviche ... topless.
At Friday's Party Impossible event at 1111 Lincoln Road, Food Network star Robert Irvine was given crazy challenges to perform. One of the challenges involved making ceviche, using ingredients hidden in a carnival dunk tank. Thinking there was water in the tank, Irvine stripped off his t-shirt to dive in -- only to find plastic balls instead of water. With the clock counting down, Irvine decided to finish the challenge sans shirt. We're just glad the challenge didn't involve frying bacon.

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