Ten Foods To Avoid On Valentine's Day

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Wanna kiss me?
Every year we say we're not going to celebrate Valentine's Day. After all, it makes singles feel bad for being single and couples feel worse for not being over-the-top romantics. Then we break down and buy candy hearts and make reservations for overpriced champagne dinners.

Since you're probably like us, you're getting suckered into celebrating V-Day. The least we can do is remind you that certain foods are off-limits if you want your hyped-up, expensive dinner to end in a goodnight kiss ... or more!

10. Spinach or Olive Tapanade
Here's the picture. You're out on your romantic Valentine's date, love is in the air. He makes a joke and you smile your biggest smile -- revealing green stuff stuck in between every single tooth. Spinach may be a wonder food, but it also magically sticks between your teeth. And even if you manage to not look like swamp thing, there's always that moment when a big hunk of Popeye's favorite dish is lodged between your molar, causing you to make insane fish faces as you try to suck the offending leaf out. Bad choice, sailor.

9. Lobster or Crabs
Sure it's expensive, but how stupid (and weak) will you look when you can't crack open that lobster. Plus there's the idiotic bib that you have to wear and, unless you and your date have some Oedipus complex, you might not want to be seen as a baby. Let's not forget bits of shell acting as projectile weapons. A dangerous V-Day dinner in more ways than one.

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