Unpacked: New Travel Channel Show Filming in SoBe (I'm Channeling My Inner Bourdain)

Chow Down Grill South Beach is one of the stops in tonight's television shoot.
Over the years, Travel Channel has rivaled Food Network for providing great food-centric programming. And why not? There are only so many museums and beaches you can visit before someone in your traveling party says, "I'm hungry". 

From Bourdain to Zimmern, Travel Channel has brought us the best places to eat around the globe. And we're talking everything from burgers to wildebeest eyeball.

Unpacked (working title), is a new show, set to debut sometime late spring. The premise is simple: Go to iconic locations and let locals serve as host and guide to the secret hangouts tourists usually miss. Think of it as "unpacking" the good spots out of a suitcase loaded with chain restaurants and overpriced frozen blender drinks.

Unpacked is filming their South Beach show today, with stops at various iconic, luxury, and hole-in-the-wall locations. The working list includes Tap Tap, Barton G., Wall Lounge, Twist, The pool at the Raleigh Hotel, Tapas y Tintos, Zekes' Roadhouse, Puerto Sagua, and Chow Down Grill (to name a few).

The show plans on running with The Raven, the man who has run the sands of Miami Beach every day for the past 30 years without skipping a day, getting a lesson in cocktail making with Wall mixologists, and touring favorite dive bars and restaurants with ... me.

Tonight, I am channeling my inner Bourdain and hosting a segment of the show. We'll start at Tapas y Tintos at around 8 p.m. and move around SoBe. I'll tweet locations so if you want to show up and party with me - the more the merrier! Follow me around on Twitter (#unpacked) for pics and details.

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Location Info

Chow Down Grill

920 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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tapas y tintos is the worst restaurant in miami beach


Have a beer for me at Zekes!


Have a blast! Can't wait to see you on t.v.!

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