Braddock, Not MAST, Wins H.S. Culinary Cook-Off. Oops.

Braddock Senior High students take home the trophy from Mayor Regalado
​Mayor Tomas Regalado handed the first place trophy to Braddock Senior High, not to MAST Academy, at the first annual Blazing Kitchen High School Mystery Basket Culinary Competition as I stated in a post a couple days ago. The cook-off between the schools took place during the second annual Miami Wine & Spirits Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and in all of the excitement, I wrote down the name of the wrong team. My sincere apologies to the students who so nobly represented Braddock.

The winning dishes, as reported, were a shrimp ceviche and seared sirloin steak with herbed goat cheese on top and a cold vegetable salad/slaw alongside.

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