Eden South Beach Has Closed

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Chef Christopher Lee is now in New York.
A former marketing manager at Eden South Beach has confirmed that the restaurant has closed. Rumors of trouble started as early as last spring, when Short Order reported the website was down and vendors were grumbling about payment disputes.

At the time, owner Larry Rizzo and executive chef Christopher Lee assured us that the place was doing well; this quashed the buzz the eatery was in jeopardy. They stayed in business throughout the lucrative South Beach winter season. We spotted it open just a few weeks ago.

Short Order received an email yesterday with a tip the restaurant had closed. A call to Eden revealed the phone number was disconnected (as is the number we have for chef Lee's publicist, coincidentally). We rummaged through our iPhone, called the above mentioned former marketing manager, who confirmed that the restaurant was no longer open.

We have a call in to chef Christopher Lee, who currently helms Huntington Social in New York, but haven't heard back yet.

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Eden South Beach - CLOSED

210 23rd St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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I actually just passed by and it seems to be open right now. Not sure what this means...

Hungry Local
Hungry Local

This place was a total joke...They had such a great outdoor space and the idiots couldn't figure out what to do with it...they only had two years to figure it out...ha!  Eden was so horible that even the New Times didn't realize it closed and its been vacant for a month. I live across the street and EVERY one of my neighbors couldn't wait for it to close.  COME BACK TO THE BEACH JOE ALLENS!!!!

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