Huahua's: Todd Erickson's New Taqueria

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Lesley Elliott
The blank space at 1211 Lincoln that will soon house Huahua's Taqueria.
Haven's executive chef Todd Erickson and owner Mike Boles, feel that there is a serious need for real Mexican tacos, currently lacking in their neighborhood.

"We know from being in this area, that there are not a lot of options for fast dining for all the businesses and people living here," explains Erickson. "We wanted to bring something fun, energetic and very flavorful, still focus on good ingredients, but without all the bells and whistles that Haven is known for."

However, there is a bit of confusion regarding the name of this newest restaurant project, which has been christened Huahua's as a tribute to Boles' little Chihuahua, named Jalapeña. Erickson says that "when the space became available, everything came to fruition, although the contractors are calling it "hooah-hooah!"

Located just five doors east of Haven (1211 Lincoln Road) Huahua's is a completely different animal. Although the menu has not been finalized yet (tastings just began this week) they are going to do breakfast and late night; the current plan is to be open until 5 a.m., seven days a week. For the moment, the established hours "have not been one hundred percent defined."

Look for low-cal, high protein "skinny" tacos that come in under a hundred calories, as well as breakfast tacos with egg whites, spinach, and turkey bacon. "There will be plenty of things for the health conscious eater, but not everything is denoted as healthy." There are two sections of the menu, one for "Champions" who are watching their fat intake, but the "Huahua's" section will include tacos and enchiladas loaded with brisket, carnitas, even fried chicken.

"It's fast causal, going to be very inexpensive. This is not a fancy concept, more of high-end take out." The restaurant will be focusing on to-go, and the seating will be mostly contained to the outdoor sidewalk "patio." Anticipate a line-up of margaritas, and most likely sangria as well, but we were more excited to hear about the great lengths they are taking to ensure that the beer list speaks the same language. "We are working with our beer purveyors at Haven to find us really cool, boutique, Mexican beers."

You'll be able to bring the kids who will have their own menu, as well as a few items that appeal to puppies. There will be plenty of places to tie up dogs and water bowls abounding (calling all chihuahuas). Demolition on the space is now underway, and since the build out is nowhere near as complicated as Haven, you can look for Huahua's to start feeding hungry taco seekers in late May or early June at the latest.

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Huahua's Taqueria

1211 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

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Boiling it down this is a place for "serious Mexican tacos" but wait because they will be "low-cal, high protein 'skinny' tacos'" but at the same time you can also get "tacos and enchiladas loaded with brisket, carnitas, even fried chicken."

So it's a serious, low-cal, loaded taco place.  Lots of conflicting ideas in one small space.  Hope it does well.

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