Jugo Fresh Features Organic Juices, Opens Today in South Beach

Jugo Fresh
Jugo Fresh opens today in South Beach.
Jugo Fresh, an all-natural juice company that features live, organic juices, is opening its doors today in South Beach.

The shop presses their own fully organic fruits and vegetables. These unpasteurized juices are nutrient-dense and alive, meaning once pressed they have a shelf life of only 96 hours. That makes maintaining inventory difficult, but owner Matthew Sherman says the process is worth the result.

Sherman, a holistic life coach, said that most juices are run through a centrifugal juicer, which heats up the juice, killing some of the nutrients. Jugo Fresh uses a cold pressing method, which takes up to 45 minutes to make one serving of juice. The agonizingly slow process results in a product that has five times as many nutrients as regular juice.

There are 28 different juices on the menu, including El Green-Go ($10) a green juice of apple, celery, spinach, parsley, and lemon ($10) and PAMPered ($11), a spicy blend of ginger pineapple, apple, mint, and maca extract, which is a great source of vitamin B.

Sherman has a juice mix for every occasion. The Saca Lo Todo ($8), lemon, lime, filtered water, ginger, cayenne, and maple syrup, is a classic detox drink, perfect for when you feel a cold coming on (or if you've had a rough night).

The Kyuri Mint ($9.50), with cucumber pear coconut water mint and aloe is a great re-hydration beverage and can be used after a workout (or, once again, after a night of drinking).

Jugo Fresh also features six different house-made nut milks including almond, cashew, and coconut. All juices and nut milks range from $4.50 - $11.

A health boosting section features quick energy or cleansing shots, ranging from $2.50 - $4, a healthier alternative to Miami's Cuban coffee addiction.

Three-day juice cleansing programs are also available.The Open For Life cleanse is designed for people new to juice cleansing. It's $210 for the three-entire program, which includes free delivery in South Beach.

Other cleanses include the Undefeated Athlete cleanse (designed for people who need additional fat and protein while cleansing) and the Jugo-terian cleanse (a no-fruit cleanse designed for the advanced cleanser) The cleanses range from $65-75 per day.

Feel overwhelmed by the choices? Sherman and his staff are available to walk you through the seemingly endless organic options. Jugo Fresh is open 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Jugo Fresh
1935 West Avenue, Miami Beach

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Jaime Lee
Jaime Lee

Congrats! I just so happen to be an IIN student heading to Miami this weekend, see you then!

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