SushiSamba's Kristen Knight Teaches Us How to Make a Caipirinha (Video)

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​We were invited to attend a caipirinha (kai-pee-reenya) making class at SushiSamba recently, and bartender Kristen Knight was kind enough to let us record her in action so that you too can celebrate the taste of Brazil with this signature drink.

While there we noticed the unique selection of liquors offered -- including Japanese distilled vodkas infused with carrot, sweet potato, and brown sugar. "People come in here and ask for a Heineken or a Corona and I tell them I'm sorry," Knight said, explaining that the bar is atypical, offering a variety of exotic beers from Peru, Brazil, and Japan in addition to the distinctive spirits. "We definitely turn people on to new things."


Cachaça (1½ ounces)
Freshly muddled lime (5 pieces)
Sugar (2 tablespoons)

Well, they turned us on to the caipirnha, which we will refer to as the Brazilian mojito until we finally remember how to pronounce it. The difference is that the caipirnha actually tastes good. Cheers!

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SushiSamba Dromo

600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Maria Murriel
Maria Murriel

She makes caipirinha *and* is super cute? In love.

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