The Grind Presents the Short Order Best Backyard Burger Competition, Vote Now!

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Which burger do you love?
The Grind, Miami's home town burger competition, is only three weeks away and the competition is heating up.

On March 31 at 7 p.m., 30 local restaurants will showcase their best burgers at Wynwood's Miami Entertainment Complex -- and you get to eat your way through all of them.

But professionals aren't the only ones who will be grilling their way to victory. The Short Order Best Backyard Burger Competition allows backyard grillers to showcase the burgers that made them famous in the hearts and stomachs of their friends and family. 

The Grind received almost 100 burger entries from Miami kitchens and backyards. It was a tough decision, but these entrants have been whittled down to a lucky 17 finalists. Take a look at the burgers (and their descriptions), then vote here for your favorite. 

Remember, you can only vote once, so make it count. Here are the burgers (in alphabetical order):

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Alex A: "A-Burger"
Onion and Mushroom infused, premium ground chuck beef burger. Topped with bacon, lettuce & vine tomato, and premium Kraft Deli American cheese. Served with seasoned fries with melted shredded cheese.

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Bone L: "Bone Lee Burger"
Olive oil mayo, maple syrup bacon (trimmed of excess fat), provolone cheese, egg (fried in bacon grease), 8oz. 80/20 ground beef patty (soaked in hot sauce), mustard on a Kaiser roll.

grind DaljeetSburger2_low.jpg
Daljeet S: "Surf & Turf"
Half of Florida lobster tail seasoned with butter, lemon juice, Old Bay seasoning and lightly grilled, 6 ounces of fresh ground chuck combined with chopped Scotch bonnet hot peppers, fresh thyme leaves, cooked hickory smoked bacon bits, crushed plantain chips and kosher salt. Topped with semi-ripe mango grilled, scooped and pureed with Jalapeno and fresh cilantro, relish made with sliced red onions, English cucumber, key lime juice, cayenne pepper and Kosher salt, lettuce leaves. Served on a deli-style sub roll that's split, brushed with olive oil and lightly grilled.

grind DavidBBurger1_low.jpg
David B: "Beef/Chorizo
Beef chorizo slider with parmigiano-reggiano pecorino romano frico. Topped w/smoked paprika & fresh herb compound butter.

grind EvanZburger_low.jpg
Evan Z: "Beef/pork/lamb Burger"
Ground beef, pork and lamb with egg and breadcrumbs (meatloaf style), stuffed with jalapeños and topped with applewood smoked cheddar, Nueske bacon and all the fixings on an asiago bun.

grind JeremyBRosemaryBologneseBurger_low.jpg
Jeremy B: "Rosemary Bolognese Burger"
Burger is a blend of ground beef infused with red wine braised vegetables, grilled to juicy perfection. Topped with Manchego cheese, roasted tomato relish, fresh arugula and sandwiched within a toasted French roll.

grind LazaraRburger2.JPG
Lazara R: "Cubanazo Burger on Pan de Gloria"
Mix of Sapito meat and chorizo with egg white, white chopped onions, crushed sea salt, and crushed red pepper flakes with a cheese center. Served with jalapeños, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, fried Cuban Mariquitas on Pan de Gloria.

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Miami Entertainment Complex (MEC)

50 NW 14th St., Miami, FL

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The fire marshall shut down the event an hour into it, because of suffocating smoke. Who in their right mind cooks BBQ inside a warehouse? The event organizers should be in jail. They have brought shame to the city. Otherwise, the food was great.

Bone Lee Tadpole
Bone Lee Tadpole

Whooo  Hooooo....!!!!!  See everyone at the Miami Convention Center for the Burger Bash....!!!!!!!        I'm bringing my Ultra Hot Scorpion Sauce too....!!!!!     

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