Brew at the Zoo: Miami Homebrew, Alien Ant Farm, and Four Loko Hats (Photos)

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All photos by David Minsky
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How did you spend your weekend? Drinking delicious beer and letting loose, we hope, like the folks at Brew at the Zoo this past Saturday night. They weren't waterlogged.

Alien Ant Farm thrashed the stage while several thousand people swarmed the beer tents every which way. All they had was a tasting cup, but one man's sip is another man's chug.

The Little Hoolie's girls
"You'd be surprised how drunk you can get from a tiny little beer," 42-year-old Ian Breske from Palmetto Bay says.

The Prestige of drinking beer.
Indeed Ian, but it wasn't only about getting drunk; there were also some delicious homebrews to be had. Miami's own Cerve Tech was there pouring its notorious Midori-soaked watermelon ale and barrel-aged-whiskey Black IPA.

The Cerve Tech guys poured like there was no tomorrow.
Misfit Home Brewers had three tents -- including one with a DJ -- the most of any vendor. Their 100 gallons of brew, including their Pineapple Express ale, ran dry shortly before 9 p.m. However, the void left from a lack of beer was quickly filled with more than 60 people dancing in the Misfit tent.

Nifty Medina and Robert Tejon from Misfit Home Brewers.
Even Four Loko had a booth, and workers there were cracking open tallboys of the (in)famous alcoholic power-ade and giving away free Four Loko swag. After drinking some of that stuff, you will never again look at wine coolers with a doubtful eye.

Four Loko, baby!
Brew at the Zoo was not a drunk fest, but there were people getting buzzed. The lines were long, but there was enough beer for all. It was one of those events where you probably ran into an old high school friend after ten years or an ex-boyfriend you thought you'd never see again.

The Skullsplitter!
Brew at the Zoo was a reaffirmation of the power of festivals with alcohol, most particularly beer. There were no fights, no naked chicks dancing on picnic tables (oh, well), and nobody throwing up in a garbage can in full view of the crowd.

Not one nasty beer could be found here. But there was lots of beer, music, chicks with beer, giveaways, and Four Loko hats. And despite any rumors you have heard, we did not get to play with the zoo animals. See what you missed? Maybe next time.

Kegs galore.

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12400 SW 152nd St., Miami, FL

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Is That DJLITTOS mixing for the Misfits?  DJLITTOS is an amazing up & coming DJ.  LOVE that guy! He makes the crowd FEEL the beats!

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I would bet all the money in the world that you are DJLITTOS, come on dawg.. You really think anybody knows who are besides maybe your parents?

I can't stop laughing @ "He makes the crowd feel the beats".. Nice job DJLITTOS.. I mean, none.

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