Kings County Pizza Sells Da Real Brooklyn Slice

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Lee Klein
A Kings County slice: $2.25.
Brooklyn is located in Kings County, New York, and Kings County Pizza is located in North Miami Beach. The small slice of a restaurant is owned by a couple with roots in Queens and Long Island, but the pizza is touted as "Brooklyn's Finest." I'm not sure I'd go that far, but Kings' certainly serves the finest Brooklyn-style slice in Miami. And that's pretty damn good.

I ask one of the owners, who also makes and bakes the pies, if it's the water. He laughs. "No. You just have to know what you're doing." He's got lots of pizza-making experience from his days in New Yawk. The crust on the Neopolitan slice is thin, but not paper-thin like you get at those prim boutique pizza emporiums. The rim of the crust boasts blackened bubbles from intense oven heat, the red sauce is sweet and well-seasoned, the ratio of melted mozzarella on top is perfect -- just like they do it in da best borough. A slice is $2.25, a medium pie is $9.95, and a large goes for $12.95. The latter two prices are lower than what mediocre pizza joints around town charge.

Lee Klein
Meatball parm hero: $6.95.
Kings County is one of the few places locally to serve Sicilian square pies, the type with soft, puffy, foccaccia-like dough. It is surely the only place to proffer a "Grandma," which is a thin-crusted version of a Sicilian. Each pie goes for $15.95 per; you cannot get these by the slice.

I sampled a meatball parmesan hero (what many people outside of Brooklyn inexplicably refer to as a "sub"). The small spheres are lightened with bread and tastefully spiced, heated in a crusty sub roll with red sauce and melted mozzarella on top. The sandwich is $6.95, but for two dollars more you can choose ziti or spaghetti as a side dish and call it dinner. Same goes for the chicken parm and eggplant parm heroes. Manicotti, lasagna, and baked ziti are other entrees; I might eventually try the last offering, if only to stop The Chowfather from nagging me to do so.

Lee Klein
Frying up the eggplant.
Calzone, stromboli, mozzarella sticks and garlic knots also dot the menu. Maybe next time. A couple of salads are on the menu too, but Brooklyn natives don't eat no Caesar salad in a pizza joint. No Caprese, either. It's just a slice, a Coke, and back out on the streets of Flatbush. Got it?

Lee Klein
The chalkboard menu.
If you should order dessert at a pizza place, rumors are likely to start about whether or not your parents are from Brooklyn -- or if you were even raised by parents -- or rumors much worse than that. On the other hand, Kings County tempts with homemade tiramisu for just $4.95.

Lee Klein
A new dining room has just opened this week.
Kings County was getting set to open up a new dining room in the same strip mall, a few storefronts away. The space was being worked on and in disarray, so I only snapped a crummy photo of one wall. Still, it will be nice to be able to sit in a pretty space to eat. Next month, the pizza place will have been open for a year-and-a-half.

Lee Klein
Drive slowly and keep your eyes open: Kings County is easy to miss.
"New York Tested, New York Approved," is the motto at Kings County Pizza. As we Brooklynites like to say, Fuckin' A!

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Kings County Pizza & Heroes

18228 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL

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I have yet to have anything bad from King's. Everytime my husband is working in the area lunch is a must!! Everything is delicious and the pizza is nice and thin and crispy to perfection.


Absolutely the best pizza ANYWHERE!The crust and sauce is to die for!OK, call us freaks, but on average we order pizzas here on average 3 times a week.

Tara & Rob...guess who!Tower 200, that's a huge hint!!!!


Will definitely have to try - I mean I'm born in manhattan and probably started eating the best pizza before I could walk! Love great pizza!!!!

The Gourmet Realtor
The Gourmet Realtor

Agree with all as the hole in the wall has great food...Fuggetabout the ziti, its unreal..just like my for the strip mall if you blink you just may miss it..BUT DON"T as you will surely be missing one of the best!


Love their pizza. 

As Lee mentioned, I highly recommend trying the baked ziti.  It's done the proper way with a perfect ratio of great tasting riccota, mozzarella and sauce.  His pasta sauce is fantastic even with a side of ziti or spaghetti.  So may places down here toss sauce and a lump of mozzarella on top of some ziti and call it baked ziti.  Not at King's County.  It's the real deal.

I also highly recommend the salt and pepper wings. Right up their with Anthony's and Shuckers for best wings in town.  I smell a wing crawl...

In general, I like regular pies more than sicilian and grandma styles BUT their grandma pie rocks as does the sicilian.  I think they are better than the regular pie.  If you are a sicilian and/or grandma pie fan you will be very happy.  

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