Eating House on 4/20 Recap (Photos)

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Sara Tayte
Mac & Cheese Sold Out Quick.
In the spirit of 4/20, Coral Gables' newest pop-up, Eating House, assembled a stoner-friendly menu of munchies that had crowds lining up around the restaurant. Small bites were offered at only $4.20, including Funyum dip and chips, slow-roasted short ribs with nachos, mac n' cheese that sold out in 30 minutes, and Frosted Flakes dessert.

After we arrived, it took nearly 25 minutes for our order to be taken after we were seated, The slow pace was truly reflective of holiday spirit.

The energy was balanced, with half of the tables chatting away and the other staring, immersed in the stoner cult flicks playing overhead.

All was forgiven from the messy arrival, once the glourious, stoner-approved appetizers had arrived.

A. Stankus
Best stoner food choice, ever. Chicken, buttermilk waffles and smoked bacon.
short rib eating house
Sara Tayte
Slow-cooked short ribs coat the bowl of queso chips.
A. Stankus
Kettle chips with home-made dip made of real crunched Funyuns
Sara Tayte
Light, whipped, Frosted Flakes dessert with candied crunchy topping.

We don't know for sure if these munchie items will be on the main menu, but we did notice close variations are available. Hurry to check this out, because Eating House is only around until the end of this summer. Be sure to check out the weekly 4/20 brunch starting this Sunday. When I asked what will be on the menu, chef and co-owner Giogio Rapacavoli shook his head and said "Well, were just gonna wing it."

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Eating House

804 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

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The author states "After we arrived, it took nearly 25 minutes for our order to be taken after we were seated, The slow pace was truly reflective of holiday spirit". We too waited for a table for over 40 mins and then another 35 mins to get a menu and place our order. The "stoned" service team and front of house management did little to solve the cluster fuck and should take a lesson in customer service. The food wasn't worth the wait by the way. Never going back. Just my two cents.


Give them a Break , It was the buisiest night they have had.  Its a POP UP , do you even know what that means. ( Limited time , service , and overall planning ) if you cant wait some time for your food then go to Mcdonalds. Lighten up , I went and the food was amazing , Yea i waited but i was having a good time not trying to rush my night.  Just my two cents

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