Pot Candy, Sleep Aids, and Anti-Energy Drinks

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Warning - don't smoke the candy.
Happy 4/20! This holiday, once underground, has gone mainstream. MTV lists quite a few celebrations and legalization demonstrations in San Francisco, Seattle, and even Topeka, Kansas. (Willie Nelson is performing.)

At 4:20 p.m., thousands of people are expected to "light up" in solidarity.

Since we at Short Order can't condone the use of illegal substances on our blog (Okay, attorneys? Happy now?), we suggest a few legal ways to get you in the spirit of the holiday with some tools to help mellow you out -- even at the office.

Hydropops/Weed World Candies
These cannabis-flavored pops are the brainchild of Atlanta entrepreneur Andre Rivers, who wanted to perfect a candy that had the distinct taste of, well, pot. So Andre, along with his partner Michael, turned to some of the best candy making experts in the world -- the Amish. The team spent months in (seriously) Hempfield, Pennsylvania, perfecting their craft.

The hydropop comes in three different colors: purple haze, bubba kush, and AK-47. They're flavored naturally, and contain no THC. The pops aren't sold in stores. Rivers told Short Order that the usual place you'd expect to find the pop (head shops), can't carry anything marijuana related. Instead, hydropops come to you. Rivers sells the pops at festivals (his Weed World van and "candy girls" were at WMC in Miami), concerts, and through mail order. The pops run from $3 to $5 and are a sweet little way to get a taste of 4/20 if you've got to operate heavy machinery or take a drug test later.

Marleys Mellow Mood
Marley's Mellow Mood
Close your eyes and picture a face that's synonymous with marijuana. Did you come up with Bob Marley? The musician who brought reggae music out of Jamaica and into mainstream culture, smoked ganja for religious and creative reasons. In fact, take a tour of the Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica, and you'll find a distinctly recognizable "weed" growing in wife Rita Marley's herb garden.

We're sure the Marley family would approve of Marley's Mellow Mood drinks making our list of alternative ways to chill on 4/20 day. The opposite of an energy drink, these beverages contain valerian root, chamomile, melatonin, passion flower, lemon balm, and hops -- all found to improve sleep and relieve stress. We tried the berry, which wasn't too sweet and mildly carbonated. Seeing Marley's picture on the label chilled us out before we opened it and, frankly, it was good to drink something carbonated and not have your heart beat out of your chest. Enjoy one in your office today and mellow out ($2.50).

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This stuff is worse for the body than weed.  Just legalize it...

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