Second Saturday Street Food Fest at Wynwood: Will It Happen?

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Laine Doss
Wynwood food truck organizer Richard Hales will not have an unpermitted event.
The Second Saturday Wynwood Artwalk food truck roundup is still one of the most successful and well attended events in Miami.

Each month, thousands of people gather for a little street food sustenance and shopping at local crafts vendors before of after heading out to peruse the galleries that stay open for both serious art collectors and casual observers.

But last month, the lot on 210 NW 22nd Lane which houses the roundup was quiet. The event, made lively by laughing families, DJ's, and live musical performances, was cancelled due to a tipster informing zoning officials that organizer Richard Hales permit was stuck somewhere in the slow-moving cogs of the City of Miami Zoning Department.

At the time, Hales told Short Order that the property on NW 22nd Lane had changed ownership and that he had to re-apply for an event permit. Hales was confident that the April event would happen, with Hales having secured a permit by then.

With April's Second Saturday Art Walk just a few days away, some two dozen or so food trucks and craftspeople are on standby. Musical bands are waiting for a call or text that they have a gig. Facebook messages and Tweets were sent out. Short Order received a press notice that Hatuey Beer was bringing a promotional mini-truck to the event. Only thing is -- there is no event yet because there is no permit....yet.

Short Order spoke with Hales, who told us that as of this minute there will be no roundup on Saturday without an event permit. He said he's hoping the permit arrives in time for the roundup, but would not confirm a list of food trucks or vendors.

Short Order will update this post when we receive confirmation of the event.

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With all this press wouldn't you think the City Zoning Department would have a permit issued? Not in this Banana Republic!


did he/they not have an entire month to get a permit? what am i missing here?

Laine Doss
Laine Doss

 The permitting process is lengthy and has to go through many channels.


what kind of people are in charge of all this? it seems these people are the complete cultural obstacle this city keeps having..maybe we should start sending letters to really show these people how much power the community can have. :)

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