Shelborne's Teddy Collins' Spring Cocktail Recipes: South Beach Sunset to Wild Flamingo

Wild Flamingo Drink at Shelbourne
The Shelborne pool is synonymous with oiled-up, scantily clad, beautiful people lounging in the sun. It's also known for elite bartenders who tend to the the back bar. Teddy Collins has been a force to reckon with behind the bar for more than 18 years. When he's not pouring signature drinks named after James Bond's girlfriends (try a Holly Goodhead), he's creating crazy concoctions of his own.

In celebration of the season, Teddy created four new unique, colorful martinis. You can't find these pastel treats on the menu. If you want them, you must find him.

"The best nights of the week are Tuesday and Saturday," Collins says. "They are heavily promoted and usually attract 500 to 700 people each night. It usually has the same energy of a Winter Music Conference event."

Before we can ask another question, Collins begins pouring a series of brightly colored beauties. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to impress the pants off your friends at your next dinner party.

Biscayne Bay Drink
All Photos By Sara Tayte
The bay has never looked so good...
Biscayne Bay

0.5 oz blue Curaçao
0.5 oz triple sec
Pineapple juice
Shaken, served in cold martini glass
Garnish with blueberry

Miami Sunrise Cocktail
Best enjoyed when the sun goes down.
South Beach Sunset

1.5 oz Absolut Miami
1 oz Malibu rum
Splash of OJ
Strawberry purée
Shaken, served in cold martini glass
Garnish with strawberry

Life Saver Drink At Shelbourne
In the event of an emergency, grab on tight!!!
The Life Saver

1.5 oz Absolut Berri Açaí
1 oz Cerac Coconut
Fresh lychee juice
Splash of pineapple
Shaken, served in cold martini glass

Wild Flamingo Drink at Shelbourne
Tropical vacation in a glass
Wild Flamingo

2 oz Cîroc Coco
Fresh lime squeeze
Grapefruit juice
Top with ginger ale
Garnish with cherry

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1801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Ted Collins is the pearl of the North East.

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