Ten Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies: Large, Weird, and Yummy

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You don't have to shout - I can hear you!
It's that time of year again...when all thoughts turn to the barbaric (and totally satisfying) practice of buying the most adorable little bunnies, only to slowly eat them alive.

We're talking, of course, the chocolate variety of bunny. Oh what pleasure we derive from slowly torturing these candies shaped like friendly creatures of the forest -- nibbling their ears and biting off their pink candy button noses before devouring the entire sweet animal.

There are so many bunnies to choose from -- how to pick the one that will become your short-term friend?

Chocolate Easter bunnies have come a long way from the cheap variety that tastes like sugar and plastic. From gourmet to homicidal, here are our ten favorite bunnies.

bunny bugs3.jpg
Staffords Famous Chocolate
10. Chocolate Bugs
OK, he was never innocent and adorable and he talked like your half-uncle from Brooklyn (the one who "went on vacation" for a few years). Which is why eating him won't leave you as guilt-ridden as munching out on his cuter chocolate brethren ($8 at Staffords Famous Chocolate).

bunny cowboy.jpg
Staffords Famous Chocolate
9. Cowboy Bunny
There's a new sheriff in town and he's packing a six shooter and some big ears in that ten gallon hat. What's even crazier is that you can pick out the color of the hat he's wearing. But remember -- the good bunnies always wear the white hat ($35 at Staffords Famous Chocolate).



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The $200 7ft. one is scary and cool! The rainbow sprinkles and the little white bunny on its back are pretty neat. 

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