Rum Renaissance Ends Today: Try These Brands

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So many rums, so little time!

If you attend today's wrap-up of 2012 Rum Renaissance at the Deauville Beach Resort, (starting at noon for VIP, 1 p.m. for regular admission). Short Order has you covered. Yesterday we squirmed our way through the many vendors and tasted the finest of the bunch. Here is what you can't miss:

Mike Salus
5. Vizcaya
Described as one of the world's "finest sipping rums," Vizcaya leaves nothing to the imagination with its crisp, smooth taste and lip-smacking texture. From the time the sugar cane is harvested to the time it droops into your glass with so much class it's almost arrogant - Vizcaya is a measure of effort and diligence in the craft of rum distilling. Though it is most often enjoyed with just ice, a splash of ginger beer does the rum justice.

Courtesy of Diplomatico
4. Diplomatico Ambassador
When it comes to making rums, Diplomatico just has it figured out.

"So much care and love goes into the rum-making process, you can taste it in every sip," said Diplomatico representative Nino Curbelo.

You can especially taste it in the new Ambassador rum, aged in Venezuela for 12 years, culminating with two years in a Pedro Ximenez cask. This cask gives the rum a rich, yet brisk, flavor that is unmistakable. The parent country provides the perfect climate and purest water, ideal for rum crafting.

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Deauville Resort

6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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