Top Five Local Tropical Fruits in Season Now

All photos by Emily Codik
Robert Moehling, owner of Robert Is Here, the timeless fruit stand and farm in Homestead, knows all about the variety of local Florida produce. He's been a grower for more than 50 years. Because it can be tricky to get to know the selection, Robert is here to list the top five local tropical fruits in season now and year-round.

Although Robert prefers to eat his fruit straight up, those trips to farmers' markets usually stir up a lot of culinary inspiration. You might find yourself obsessing over how to incorporate these fruits into your meals. So if you're feeling creative, try these suggestions the next time you're faced with tropical bounty.


1. Passionfruit
Available until around December, passionfruit is small and packed with bright, citrusy flavor. You can tell the fruit is ripe when it's wrinkled. To eat it, simply slice it in half, scoop out the seeds and pulp, and shovel them into your maw. Don't freak out about the black seeds -- they're edible and delicious.

The pulp and seeds are tasty atop vanilla ice cream, panna cotta, flan, and cheesecake. The citrus flavor brightens up creamy desserts, and the seeds add an interesting texture.

2. Red Lady Papaya
Ppapaya is available year-round, and the Red Lady variety at Robert Is Here is grown right in the back of the market. The fruit is ripe when the skin and flesh give under gentle pressure. To slice it, bust out a large sharp knife and cut the entire papaya in half. Scoop out the small black seeds and peel off the skin; then enjoy the flesh.

Papaya can be great in a milkshake. Blend pieces of the fruit with very cold milk and a couple of tablespoons of honey.

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Love all of these. It's nice to see some attention being paid to the bounty of produce we have in our backyard. Robert is Here is a fun weekend jaunt and a stop to get a strawberry shake and some cinnamon buns at Knaus tops it off. 

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