Exxxotica 2012: A Foodie's Guide

All photos by Laine Doss
This lovely lady wants you to buy her dinner.
Exxxotica Expo 2012 hits the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend.

If you're going, expect to find gorgeous men and women wearing everything from full bondage leather to nothing but a little duck tape (we don't want to be around when she pulls the tape off).

In addition to seminars discussing everything from making amateur videos to how surgically enhancing yourself could lead to better sex, live entertainment, and appearances by your favorite adult film stars (who generally charge $10 for a photo of them on your lap), Exxxotica is also something like the largest adult toy store in the world.

Everything from whips and leather to feathers and glitter were available for purchase, as well as things you didn't think you'd need (but might come in handy) like performance enhancing supplements and hangover remedies.

We perused the various booths in search of the most incredible edibles designed to help turn bedtime into playtime. Here's what we found.

Basically pop rocks, these candies are either a way to enhance your sexual experience...or an embarrassing trip to the ER waiting to happen (remember that urban myth about the Life Cereal kid?). We suggest using them sparingly. $3 a pack.

These gels are made with a little glycerin, designed to help everything go down smoothly...if you know what we mean... $5 each.

These tasty little shots are filled with herbal supplements like horny goat weed and ginseng. They come in formulas for men and women in fruity flavors like cherry and peach. $6 per shot.

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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL

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Young Jeezy Life
Young Jeezy Life

very HOT article))) excellent innovations to improve your sexual relations!


Blasfamy isn't what you think it is. Stop changing the subject and add a little spice to your uptight personality Madame Sultana. You just might like it. Your partner will!


Get off your moral high horse Madame Sultana and rub some Good Head Gel on your hubby's c**k.

Madame Sultana
Madame Sultana

You are unable to spell and too embarrassed to admit it. Please save your cryptic and nonsensical jibberish about why you are unable to spell simple words for someone far more gullible and dense.

A mirror might come in useful for that, dear.

Madame Sultana
Madame Sultana

Until you acquire enough brain cells to spell simple words like 'blasphemy' I consider you nothing more than a braying, insipid mule.

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