For Mother's Day: Recipe for Peach-Inspired Breakfast in Bed from Tudor House (Photos)

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All photos courtesy of Jamie DeRosa
Show mom how peachy she is with this breakfast.
The tradition of treating mom to breakfast in bed has long been abused by movies and television shows, which feature an adorable child (or clumsy husband) serving mom burnt toast and Cheerios. Burnt toast? Come on! This meal has to be worthy of a special lady.

We love the idea of surprising mom with a tasty treat to start her Mother's Day so we asked Tudor House executive chef Jamie DeRosa to show us how to make his Peaches and Cream dish using fragrant peaches, sorbet and creamy feta cheese. Pair it with a peach Bellini and you've got yourself one happy mom!

Tudor House Peaches and Cream

Sheep's milk French feta
Olive Oil
Minus 8 Vinegar
Fresh ripe peaches
Lime peel
Black Pepper
Thyme leaves
1/4 Pound Hazelnuts chopped
Simple syrup
Cinnamon stick
Espelette pepper
Mache or Lamb's Lettuce
Peach Sorbet

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1. Start with sheep's milk French feta.

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2. Whip feta in a small mixing bowl with olive oil, black pepper, thyme leaves and lime zest.

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3. Pickle one fresh peach in Minus 8 Vinegar, Lime peel, honey, vanilla for 8 hours in a Ziploc bag.

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