From French Toast to Kobe Filet, Villa Mayfair Launches Crazy Good Brunch Deal UPDATED

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Villa Mayfair
Lobster and mango salad, one of the apps on the new brunch menu.
Beginning this Sunday, May 6, brunch takes on a whole new meaning at Villa Mayfair in Coconut Grove. Every single item on the menu can be mixed and matched to the tune of $28 in total. What does this mean exactly?

Here's the deal: whether you want french toast or a Kobe burger, you'll pay $28. In fact, you can have French toast AND a burger, AND a Bloody Mary. Or a Croque Madame. Or a club sandwich. Or tuna tartare. (Note: Since the time of the original posting, they have added an upcharge for menu items like lobster stuffed macaroni and the Kobe filet).

So if you want one entree and two drinks, it's $28. Three entrees? $28. An appetizer, entree and a cocktail? $28. Okay, you get it, right? We know it sounds redundant, but we love that this menu provides for a personalized dining experience. The deal is sort of a chef's tasting menu for Sunday brunch lovers, only you design the dish line-up.

We have to presume that he portion sizes will be on the smallish side, but with endless possibilities, this is a paradise for the hangover ridden. Prep your food imagination in advance, here's the full range of offerings: Villa Mayfair Brunch Menu (PDF).

Brunch is Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and there will be a DJ and live music (just in case you needed further motivation).

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Timo's at the Villa Mayfair - CLOSED

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Well, it's sorta like Napa wineries producing sparkling wine, since it's not from France, it can't be called champagne, but it is produced in a similar "méthode champenoise". When American menus list "Kobe" beef (and this "faux Kobe" beef story is certainly not news, at this point, we assume everyone knows that Japanese beef comes from Japan) it is an indicator that the beef is treated similarly. Like the bubbly. Hopefully, that redeems us and allows us to use the term Kobe when it is listed on restaurant menus. Hopefully.

Truth in Labeling.
Truth in Labeling.

It doesn't, call the restaurants out, read the 4 part article from Forbes, it goes even more in depth than NT did a few years ago with the Beach Restaurants that were using the term.  This should be a HUGE knock on the restaurant like those that sell talapia instead of grouper.  Its a down and out lie, there is no Kobe, its not treated the same, its a similar breed, MAYBE!  

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