Ganem Replaces Gorenstein at the Raleigh

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Exec. Chef Daniel Ganem by Andres Aravena 2.jpg
Photo by Andres Aravena
Chef de Cuisine Daniel Ganem.
In chef-swapping news, Daniel Ganem, who headed the kitchen at Kane Steakhouse (which shuttered last October), has taken the chef de cuisine position left open by Sam Gorenstein at the Raleigh. Gorenstein, who exited to concentrate solely on his new venture, My Ceviche, brought Ganem on board. He has been working as the executive sous-chef since Kane's closing.

"Right after Kane, Sam called me to go to the Raleigh, so I've been working there since the beginning of November with Michael [Schwartz] and him. When Sam decided to leave, Michael gave me the position, and we've been playing with great food since then," Ganem explains.
It would seem that BLT Steak at the Betsy is fertile ground for developing talent, although the restaurant might feel like a discarded bridesmaid's dress at this point. Gorenstein left BLT for the Raleigh, and Ganem left BLT for Kane, so let's hope the current chef de cuisine, Mario Tolentino, will stick around for a while.

Schwartz's new place at the Raleigh is set to open this fall.

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Mario tolentino is not at Blt steak anymore. He has been gone for over 3 months

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