At-Home Molecular Gastronomy Kit: Honey Caviar, Fruit Spaghetti, and Mojito Shots

Fruit-smoothie-spaghetti. Yum...?

This is how fruit spaghetti is made.
The "Surprise Bubbles" were, to no surprise, a miserable failure. The only thing we didn't follow from the DVD recipe was that we used differently shaped water-lemon juice ice. The chef on the screen uses halved circles of ice. We used old fashion ice cube trays. After about two hours of freeze time for the calcium lactate, lemon, and water mixture, we dropped the cubes into a bath of sodium alginate. The cubes are supposed to become slightly gelatinous, ultimately having a solid coating, and liquid interior. This is what happened.

One of them looks like South America, no?
This is what was supposed to happen.

Frustrated with the whole project, we began to clean up. But not before we noticed how the left-over honey and agar-agar mixture reacted to time. This got us thinking to try something off the recipe DVD. The honey mixture became very gelatinous with just a few hours of sitting around - it took the shape of the bowl it was in. We re-boiled it, and poured it into a strawberry-shaped silicon ice mold we had lying around. After letting it sit for a while, we were pleased to see it worked. Behold strawberry shaped honey:

This is what happens when you don't follow instructions. See? It worked!
Perhaps this molecular gastronomy kit is not the most practical of kitchen additions, but it's definitely an interesting way to spice up a Sunday afternoon. Is it worth the price tag? Let's just say you'll probably be more content if it's given to you as a gift. Father's Day is around the corner - he'll probably get a kick out of it.

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Had no problem at all - 'cause it takes some training. But I don't understand the negative tone in the article?Molecule-R Cuisine R-evolution and Molecule-R Cocktail R-evolution work out fine!Greetings from Denmark!

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