Today: My Ceviche Celebrates Locals, End of Season With $3 Stone Crab Claws

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My Ceviche is South Beach's answer to the pretentious, over-priced corporate establishments on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. Co-owners Roger Duarte and James-Beard-nominated executive chef Sam Gorenstein are one reason, and Tuesday they plan on celebrating another.

"Locals are what drive this establishment," said Duarte, between answering phones and taking orders. "We see our place as locally-driven, and we want to celebrate that."

In celebration of the end of stone crab season, and because nothing is frozen, My Ceviche invites you to help clear its stone crab reserves with $3 stone crab claws. A pound, which usually has about 6-7 individual claws, usually goes for $24.95 at My Ceviche. Most other SoBe happy hours feature stone crab claws for $4 or even $5, which makes for a much larger bill after a few dozen.

In addition, from 5 to 8 p.m., try a selection of free ceviche and sides that are to die for. Gorenstein, a resident of nearby South Pointe, hasn't decided on what ceviche he plans on shelling out, but you can be sure it will be fresh. My Ceviche always features fresh local produce and local sea food, never frozen, and sometimes brought to your table by Gorenstein or Duarte themselves.

In just over two months since opening, the most popular dish at My Ceviche seems to be their array of burritos. For just $9.95, you get a generous heaping of ingredients to order, from fish to steak, cheese and vegetables.

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My Ceviche

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Finally tried my ceviche last week.  Had the octopus burrito.  While the texture was nice and the octopus had a decent char, I think the burrito seriously lacked any sort of flavor.  I had to pour the accompanying crema over every bite and hit it with a squeeze of lime.  I will come back and try the burrito again with the hopes that more flavor will develop as they work out the kinks.  Keep up the good work Sam.

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