Ten Gifts You Shouldn't Give Mom On Sunday

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Oh, mom
We're just going put it out there: it's not always the thought that counts. That's just what people say when they're totally pissed.

Moms are the prime example of this idea. You got her a new set of bakeware, but little does your sorry ass know, she's not interested anymore in hanging around the oven to make sure your favorite casserole isn't burning.

"Aw, sweetie, it's the thought that really counts."


Here are ten gift ideas that are off limits for Mother's Day. Allow the elimination of these ten to ease and narrow your search for the perfect gift.

10. Bottle of wine and The Client List
Listen, gift baskets are awesome. They're like a goodie bag of five useless things and two good things. But sometimes, they just make you look stupid. No mother is interested in a gift basket of her favorite bottle of Pinot Noir and Season One of The Client List. Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs might be awesome, but mom doesn't care. You might as well take her to a fancy dinner at a strip club (we hear they have great lobster!)

9. Homemade beauty products
News flash: Mom does not care about your entrepreneurial endeavors at this point in her life. You've been out of the house for ten years, and quite frankly, she's enjoyed that her days have less of your bullshit. That means she's not interested in your homemade facial rejuvenator with oatmeal and honey. Or your coffee-grinds skin exfoliator. If mom wanted that, she'd go grocery shopping. So be prepared for her to figure out your undertone that she needs a facelift.

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