Ten Ways to Make the Most of Mango Season

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So many mangoes, so little time.
Mango season is upon us, which means these sweet, succulent fruits will be falling from trees, rolling under cars and rotting on sidewalks throughout Miami. Every year, an abundance of this fleshy tropical fruit strikes our city, and locals with mango trees are overwhelmed.

In an attempt to save Mother Nature's delicious creations, we offer ten ways to get the most out of these delightful fruits - by eating and otherwise. For advice on how to cut one, see the video at the end of this post.

10. Grow a mango tree. Let the seed dry out, then crack it open and pull out the white, lima-bean looking "pip". Plant it, nurture it and voila! Homegrown goodness.

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Kebab, anyone?
9. Grill 'em. This time of year, our grills are fired up and at the ready. So what better way to utilize our outdoor cooking contraptions than by charring up a few mangoes? There are lots of ways to grill these puppies, including with blue cheese and honey, by pairing them with your favorite meat, or with a balsamic glaze. Use your imagination.

8. Dry 'em. A food dehydrator is the best and easiest way, but it can also be done via oven. They're a healthy, easy way to make your mango stash last.

7. Get your skin glowing. Yeah, it sounds weird, but if you mush up some mango meat with a few tablespoons of honey and rub it on your face, your skin will emerge all soft and pretty. Why? Mangos are chock full of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and vitamins, great for your epidermis. And honey is a great hydrator.

6. Make mango ketchup. This pretty simple recipe will yield plenty of this unique concoction for your cooking needs. It's a popular condiment in the Philippines, and offers a tangy, slightly sweet taste.



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Dluv Sab
Dluv Sab

Mango marmalade - simple and makes great foodie gifts

Teresa Carey
Teresa Carey

Chopped up mango w/plain Greek yogurt!! Yum!

Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

Funny, I was just talking about mango mojitos for this weekend. :)


I am new to Miami and am unsure of the etiquette of picking up fallen fruit. 

I was walking along the road and noticed numerous mangoes fallen from a tree that landed near the sidewalk.  The tree was inside a wall to a neighborhood that I cannot access, so I cannot ask permission from the owners to collect fallen fruit.  I noticed several rotting mangoes so it seems that nobody is collecting them.  Would it be acceptable behavior to collect fallen mangoes in this situation? 

gie hufana
gie hufana

You can make Mango side dishes..this is good for fried dishes or barbecue. All you need to do is to slice the mango to dice slices, tomatoes, i prefer the green tomatoes, more crunchier, onion and taste it w/ vinegar, small amount of salt ,pepper and small amt of sugar depends upon your taste. Cheap Flights

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